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Still Dizzy

by on May 22, 2009

Satomi woke up dizzy and wisely decided not to go to work.  I just got home from a half day at the office and she’s been in bed all day.  She’s still dizzy-Actually, it just got worse.

Apparently it happened right after she took the antibiotics for the surgery site infection.  That was way to suspicious so she dove into reading that drug information package that comes from the pharmacy.  After reading all that fine print we realized that that an allergic reaction to Bactrim and/or Keflex could be indicated by diziness.  Satomi is allergic to Pennicilin so the use of Keflex was questioned while we were in the ER last week.  A small percentage of people allergic to Pennicilin will also be allergic to Keflex.  As a test, the ER doctor administered a single dose of Keflex and observed her for any sign of reaction.  There were no signs of allergic reaction so we went home.

Satomi has been taking the Bactrim/Keflex combination since last week.  Her Keflex dosage ends tomorrow and the Bactrim sometime next week.  I will contact the doctor about the possible inter and re-action.  Hopefully she can get some relief from the dizziness.

Her physical health is a 2 but her emotional state is a 3.

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