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Post Cyberknife Session #2

by on May 21, 2009

The Cyberknife session was the same as the first-over 2 hours of plastic immobility.  I am so thankful that she slept through it all.  Her neck was a bit stiff but not as much as last time.  She felt quite dizzy and nauseous. 

Satomi has never suffered from motion sickness but now it seems like she can’t get away from it.  This dizziness really concerns me.  A fall would not be pretty.

I trust her opinion of her own capabilities but I need to continually raise the question:  How is she feeling?

With the dizziness and nauseous thing, I’m dropping her daily health rating from a 3 to a 2.

Satomi’s been in bed since getting home nearly 3 hours ago… and she is still dizzy.

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One Comment
  1. Curtis permalink

    wish her the best for me. I hope she pulls through this tough time. See you guys soon.

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