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Cyberknife Session #2

by on May 21, 2009

So here we are again, the second of five treatments.

This session was scheduled for 4pm.  It was a real pain to get here on time.  The traffic is very different in the afternoon as in the later morning.  The truth of the matter is that I was late leaving the office.  Driving fast in traffic doesn’t bother me but it sure bothers Satomi.  I drive the minivan to all of our appointments because the ride’s so soft.  She still has to close her eyes when we drive.  The movement causes her eyes to twitch which results in headaches and dizziness-Bad stuff. 

To complicate matters, Satomi was feeling a bit nauseas and dizzy.  Possibly due to her treatments and possibly due to the leftover Spaghetti she decide to eat for lunch.  I don’t risk eating any leftover that I cannot fully recall when it was placed in stasis.  Getting sick would put more strain on everyone else and I cannot allow that. 

I want to believe Satomi’s issues were caused by a bad lunch but you just never know with this brain stuff.  She felt dizzy at work yesterday albeit functional.  I am always pushing her to take it slow.  If I get overly concerned, I forgo the text messaging and call her.  I can tell if she’s having difficulties by just hearing her voice.  So far, it’s been OK but I remain vigilant.

We talked to the Cyberknife technician about sleeping during the actual procedure; She said that most people do sleep through it.  I have mixed feelings but I know I’m being unreasonable to make Satomi stay awake for an long, uncomfortable, and boring  2 hours.  The mesh mask does hold her fairly tightly.

Since I will be trying to give you all more information on Satomi’s overall attitude and feelings, I decided to start using a rating system.  I wanted to explain it a bit beforehand so I don’t get a lot of confused comments and/or E-mails.  This is just a tool for me.

I will be rating Satomi’s physical health and separately, her emotional well-being.  I assign a numerical rating between 1 and 5 with 1 being bad and 5 being good.  In other words, a physical health rating of 5 is a day of normality-No sign of sickness; A physical health rating of 1 is bed-ridden day of drugs, pain and sleep.  An emotional well-being rating of 5 is a day full of smiles and happiness-Complete optimism; An emotional well-being rating of 1 is day of crying depression. 

Now that I think about it, I think this tool will also be useful to rate my emotional well-being.   Let’s give this a try…

With the nausea and dizziness, my guess at Satomi’s physical health is a 3 of 5 using the new rating system.  Her emotional well-being is a 3 of 5 using the same scale; I gave her a 3 since she laughed at some of my stories from a long day at the office. My emotional well-being is also a 3 of 5-a normal day with no heavy thoughts.

I need to go now-Satomi should be done with her treatment in a few minutes.

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  1. Kiyomi permalink

    Dad hasn’t been feeling well lately and funny thing, I started using the rating system on dad today as well. But mine is the opposite of yours. 1 being great and 5 being lousy. Dad’s saturation hasn’t been all that great. Now when he’s sitting and with a mask, at 8 liters, he’s saturating at 98, where as before he only needed 6 or 4. Today he said that he felt like a 3 which is so, so. Maybe we’ll go see Dr. Riker next week some time.
    Hang in there!!just 3 more to go. Dad is really trying to eat as much as he can even though he’s not hungry due to the antibiotics. And drinks his Ensure twice per day.

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