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A Busy Saturday

by on May 23, 2009

This Saturday reminded me of our busy lives of years past-A day full of events and running around.

Both Satomi and I had our concerns about a full day but promised ourselves not to change plans until we absolutely knew that they couldn’t be kept.  I’m glad we follow through on our plans.

After dropping the kids off at Baachan’s house, I played chauffeur and drove Satomi up to a close friend’s baby shower at a restaurant in Torrance.  I had specific criteria to determine if Satomi would actually attend the event or just drop off the gift.  Things like:  Is the food service a buffet or table?  Are there any stairs between the room and the restroom?  Is there room to walk between the tables?  Blah, blah, blah.

The room was perfect and as it turned out, the event was perfect too.  Satomi sat with several of our closest friends and had a great time.  I spent the 2 1/2 hours reading a cancer nutrition book and a magazine article about gut-reduction exercises (mine-not hears).  Not wanting to intrude on my wifey’s woman space, I kept to a distant, but reasonably close watch on her from the parking lot or restaurant bar stool.

She was dizzy during the entire event and did have to wear dark glasses during the drive to and fro but all-in-all, she felt good.  Physical rating between a 3 and 4 and an emotional rating between a 4 and 5.  My emotional rating was about a 3 since the parking lot did, at times, become a bit boring.

After the shower, we drove back to Baachan’s house and prepared for a gathering of people to watch the UFC fight.  I love this MMA stuff but with Satomi’s cancer, I had missed the last event-UFC 97 if memory serves.  Today, everything seemed to come together to allow me some UFC 98.  I was very excited but made it crystal clear to all that I would take Satomi home in an instant if she didn’t feel well.  Luckily she lasted through a dinner of take-out pasta and pizza, the commotion and noise of 7 little kids running in all directions, and the sounds of 7 men screaming at the TV screen.  (Go Machida!  Beat that arrogant bastard down!  Sorry-I digress.)  We didn’t get home until almost 11pm.  Now how the heck did Satomi last almost 4 hours of what must be vivid over-stimulation?  Let me put it this way:  Sometimes, partial deafness can be a useful thing.

At the end of the day, Satomi’s ratings remained the same while mine increased to a 4.  It was an excellent UFC fight-Lyoto Machida is the new Light Heavyweight champion.

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  1. Ron & Laura permalink

    Thanks for your detailed updates Sean. Sounds like a fun day for both of you! Keep up the positive attitudes and super inner strength. If you and Satomi’s inner strength were equal to UFC fighting strengths, you guys could easily take on any of the UFC champs!

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