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Another Day

by on April 18, 2009

We just saw the neuro doc on rotation this weekend.  He was quite happy with Satomi’s progress but wanted to keep her another day to solve her… uh… “digestive” issue.  He wasn’t the surgeon so he is admittedly playing it safe.  It was brain surgery after all.  I have no problem with playing it safe and it’ll give me time to get her room ready.

  1. Cindy Ho permalink

    Hi Sean and Satomi..glad to hear Satomi’s progress is going well. Pls. let us know if you need anything. Once Satomi is settled at home..we would love to visit. Hugs and smiles..Cin, Yosh, Kaden and Rhys

  2. randy permalink

    Sean and Sat,
    Im glad things are going well. Hopefully you can go home soon, and make Sean your personal butler.

  3. julie permalink

    Thanks guys for letting me visit. I’m really glad how amazing Satomi looks. She should be the poster child for brain biopsy. I’ll keep praying for the family. Hopefully Sean will have time to “clean” a little. 🙂 Love you guys.

  4. Kyu Kim permalink

    Sean, you’re awesome!! I would love to meet your wife (Satomi) one of these days. What a wonderful couple you guys are…

  5. Candice permalink

    It was great to see how well you’ve recovered from the surgery Satomi! Nobody walking by the room would have ever guessed you went through what you had with how well you are doing. Your roomate must hate us – maybe the nutritionist more because they can’t get her order right. 🙂 The girls will be very happy to see you at home tomorrow. Stay strong, the both of you, and we’ll talk to you soon.

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