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Her Room Is Ready

by on April 19, 2009

Sorry I didn’t do a day-end entry. I went home a bit early to get our room ready for Satomi’s return. My unreasonable wife demanded clean sheets before she would some home. Ha!

I wanted to Thank Satomi’s family for having Kandice & Jillian over last night. The girls love sleeping over. It allowed me time to get things in order around the house. It sounded like they had a great time playing in the pool and causing trouble.

Satomi is doing just fine this morning. Her “digestive” issue uh…”flushed” itself out this morning. She’s in no pain so everything is peachy.

Kandice, Jillian, and the rest of the family are all coming to visit shortly so Satomi is napping. We decided to have the girls visit Mommy here to expose them to the “hospital” environment. Given the situation, it seemed the prudent thing to do.

We are very eager to go home.

  1. randy permalink

    Only Clean sheets Satomi???? Man your too soft, you should have demanded flowers, dinner, and the whole house to be spotless. Sorry Sean, you asked for comments!

  2. Annette Hurtle permalink

    That’s great news that Satomi will be able to go home! Satomi, it’s so good to hear the amazing progress you are making. Sean you are a wonderful caretaker. Enjoy your family today and looking forward to more good news. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  3. Margot permalink

    seriously – I second Randy’s comments. 🙂 but also to include her favorite music playing on the Ipod, her favorite shows on Tivo ready to go in addition to the spotless house.
    So glad to hear she’s coming home! 🙂
    lots of love,

  4. Mitzi Takeuchi permalink

    Triple that!! Glad to hear you’re heading home Sat! I’ll call you to see if you’re up for visitors next week. Keep us posted Sean… and remember, we’re here for you. Big hugs as always.

  5. Yosh permalink

    Who cares about the bedroom? Is the kitchen ready? Satomi needs to get in there and cook. Ha ha. Just kidding.

    Seriously, I’m glad to hear the surgery went well and that she’s returning home. It’s awesome that she seems to have retained all of her faculties (that way, she can get back to cookin’ and birthin’ babies sooner. 🙂

    Sean – I hope you’re taking care of yourself during this difficult time too. I’m looking forward to hanging out w/ all of you again real soon and watching my boys mack on your daughters (or is that the other way around). Heh heh.

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