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Personal Request

by on April 18, 2009

When things are quiet just before bed or in the morning, I read Satomi a sampling of the many positive comments to the blog. 

I ask that you please keep sending those in as it makes her smile and it gives us something positive to talk about.

Thanks very much.

  1. Candice Takatani permalink

    We are proud of Satomi too! Her strength is inspiring. Stay strong Satomi! Keep the faith and continue to be a rock Sean. We will see you both soon!

  2. Kiyomi Chansamone permalink

    Satomi, you know you are the strongest of all of us in the family. The faster you can get back to being the “yakamashii” one, the better for all of us. I thought maybe you just did a lot of, “do what I say, not as I do” but seeing you go through this, I know that that is truly not the case. Dad should be inspired. As hard as you pushed Dad, I will make sure he knows how hard you are pushing yourself. “Gambare”! =)

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