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A new day

by on April 17, 2009

“Where’s Mommy, Daddy?  Is she at the Doctor’s?  Is Mommy coming home today?  Where are you going?”

“I’m going to visit Mommy at the Doctor’s.  Maybe Mommy will come home tomorrow…”

The honesty of children is truly inspiring sometimes.  My Parents are working hard to keep the kids distracted and busy.  Maybe they won’t notice that Mommy is not around.  Luckily, Jillian and Kandice have school today so Granny and Grandpa will get a half day off.  I’m so Thankful for their help.  I couldn’t be here with Satomi if I were worried about them.

Satomi looked even better this morning.  She was on solid food (although it didn’t stay down long) and she walked around the ICU.  She has a bit of light-headedness.  There are still signs of double-vision to her left.

I met with the Neurosurgeon to discuss her upcoming treatment.  He said that he was already in contact with our Oncologist and both are composing a plan of action.  He indicated that Satomi needs to recover from the brain surgery first; They won’t order the Pet-CT scan until sometime next week.  The few extra days won’t matter.

She had a Physical Therapy evaluation today.  It was a bit ironic since Satomi is a Physical Therapist.  She did quite well.

The Doctor was happy enough with Satomi’s progress to move her to a regular room.  Room 335A for all those that wish to visit.  If any of you do, be sure to text message me first.  She has been sleeping since moving into this room.  The room is very small so no more than 1 or 2 standing visitors.  There is some chance that she may be discharged tomorrow.  If that is the case, I won’t even attempt fitting our 2 little girls and a grandparent or two in this cubby hole.

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