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My Favorite Hospital Room

by on April 17, 2009

This room sucks elephant ass.

It was made for Hobbits and it was laid out by an exhibitionist.  Anyone entering the room must pass through our curtain to get to the rear bed.

I hear absolutely everything said by our 325 year old neighbor with the asthma and broken hip.  She doesn’t like the shared room either.

If I hear another unanswered cell phone I think I’m going to freak.  You could say that I”m under a bit of stress so I could claim temporary insanity. 

Hmmm…  Maybe I shouldn’t post this…  Just kidding.

One Comment
  1. Yosh permalink

    If the room was made for hobbits, sounds like it would fit Satomi perfectly. ;o)

    Breathe easy Okamoto-Kun. Don’t go agro on your neighbors.

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