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by on March 13, 2011

As most of you know from reading my recent posts, Satomi isn’t doing well.

Her condition is worsening and it seems like new issues arise all the time.  Managing visitors has become very difficult and I must spend my time caring for her and my family.  So as of today, I am officially closing our home to visitors.

There are a couple of friends traveling from a long distance in the next few days that shall still be allowed in.  Family and those people so close to us that they might as well be family, will also continue to have free rein.  I apologize to all the rest of you.  I know that there were a few that were patiently waiting for a spot.

I will post as often as possible so keep checking back.

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  1. Jerry Lin permalink


    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to blog on Satomi’s condition. Christine follows it daily. Just so you know, we are all thinking of you, Satomi, and your family daily. Please take care and do let us know if you need us to assist with anything.


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