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Sunday March 6th

by on March 6, 2011

So it’s my birthday today but I don’t feel like celebrating.  I checked on Satomi about ten-thousand times throughout the night so I slept terribly.

Satomi, on the other hand, seems to be doing fine.  No sign of seizure or headache.  I let her sleep an extra hour this morning before waking her just after 9:00am.  She was going to have visitors at 10am and I wanted to get her all cleaned up beforehand.

Morning meds, new patches, new diaper, new sleep shirt, some lotion on her dry skin, a warm facecloth, a few sips of water and some apple sauce.  It was a busy morning but everything fell into place.  The activity also woke her up.  She was relatively alert for the visit.

Her friend stayed a couple of hours and Satomi was obviously happy to see her.  She mumbled as she spoke but the tone was happy and she smiled a few times.  It was good to see.

Near the end of the visit, Satomi had difficulty staying awake.  She quickly slept upon her friends departure.

It was a nice morning.

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  2. Gail Robb permalink

    Happy Birthday, Sean. We’re thinking of you…

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