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Evening of Sunday March 6th

by on March 6, 2011

Satomi slept away the afternoon with no issues.  Her family arrived to spend some time with her and feed me some cake.  It was nice but short.  Her sleep was very deep-I couldn’t wake her so I administered the bedtime meds in all-suppository form.  I also had to change her diaper.  It was a nasty mess.  Overall it went smooth.  No complaints and only a few grunts of discomfort as I moved her around.  I didn’t bother with the extra Ativan and Oxy since she was already passed out.  So that’s it for the night.  I’m going to have another piece of cake!  Sweet dreams all.

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  1. JoAnn Asari permalink

    Dear Shawn, I just got onto this site today. Pastor Nancy reminded me that you had this incredible blog going for a while now. I am overwhelmed by your openness and courage to post your personal thoughts for us to share. I know I have been in denial about the severity of Satomi’s condition.
    I am so sorry.
    I pray for her, you and all her famly but have not been bold enough to actually say anything.
    How blessed is Satomi to have you as her caregiver. You are her angel and you show your love for her by how you know her every motion and sound. I am also in awe of your ability to share this part of you life so beautifully and believe me, we get the picture!
    God bless you and your family.
    I am here for you. Please know I care.

    Love, JoAnn

  2. Mako permalink

    For what it’s worth, happy belated, Sean.

    I realize it’s tough to think about celebrating anything right now. Try and find some happiness and concentrate on it for a bit. It will keep you sane.

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