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Tuesday Morning

by on March 1, 2011


Its 6:00am and I jump out of bed and run to the next room.

Satomi’s awake and speaking.  I’m surprised but not shocked since her bedtime meds have been reduced, this was a distinct possibility.

She’s thirsty and her back hurts.  We give her water and she dozes off again for a short while.  I return to bed.

Moments later I am summoned back into the room.  There are already signs of agitation-“move me, I want to sit up, roll me over”, and on and on.

Her Fentanyl patches are suppose to last for 72-hours and it’s been about 57-hours.  History has shown that they usually last for only 60-hours so its close enough.  I give her 0.25mL of Oxy for the immediate discomfort.

I roll her over and she groans in pain, “…my neck…back…ankle…”  Her entire body hurts from being in bed for nearly two-months.  I wedge a pillow between the bed and her back to hold her in place.  Instinctively she pulls it out several times and tries to roll back.  I swap out her patches and give her morning medication.  I carefully roll her back into place.

She hasn’t been this lucid in weeks and I want to reassure her:  There’s nothing to worry about and I’m here with her.  I kiss her about a dozen times and I hold her hand.  Sedation is right around the corner and I may not have another opportunity to express myself.  She smiles and repeats the same.

I give her juice, half a cup of yogurt, and 6-ounces of water.  It goes down quickly but some of it comes back quickly too.

We have a dry-erase board conversation about her and the pain.  I show her the blog pictures and she smiles.  The Hawaii pictures provoke the biggest smile.

We talk about the past week and all her sleeping.  I am concerned that during the awake time, she is conscious enough to be sad.  She says things are OK and there was no pain.  I was very happy to hear it.  I explain the possibility of needing to sedate her in the near future.  She nods and I change the subject to our girls.

A minute later, she gets a small headache and tries to control the pain with deep breathing.  I administer another 0.25mL of Oxy, hold her hand, and she dozes off.

4:30pm UPDATE:  I went to the office for a couple of hours.  On the way, I called Irene and Brenda to tell them of Satomi’s excellent condition.  Irene drove over almost immediately.  They had a nice visit for nearly the entire morning.  By my return at lunchtime, Satomi had already returned to sleep.  No further drugs were given while I was away.  She’s still sleeping now.

9:30pm UPDATE:  She slept soundly until 8:30pm.  We gave her another juice and a bit more water.  Today was the most fluids she’s had in over a week.  I prep her bedtime meds and we talk a bit.  I told her that if she’s feeling good again maybe we can see more visitors.  She nodded.  I gave her the meds, a goodnight kiss, and she closes her eyes for the evening.  I opted to keep the medication the same as previously.  She may awake early but we’ll all forgo a bit of sleep to have another day like today.

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  1. Chris permalink

    Smiles are great! Those pics certainly bring smiles to us, too!

  2. Margot permalink

    I’m so glad that you are able to share smiles w/Sat at this time – it must have been so invigorating for you and for her. continuous prayers and love to you, Sat, and the girls.

  3. Janice permalink

    Thank you for your updates. Those of us far away appreciate it and send you all our love and strength.

    Janice Bacon

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