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Diabetes Update

by on March 1, 2011

So I’ve basically forgotten that I have diabetes.  Actually the truth is that-for the time being anyway-I just don’t care.  I am putting no effort into improving my condition-I am only maintaining it until things change for us.

I’ve upped my Metformin dose to compensate for my tendency to forget to take it half the time.  I haven’t monitored my blood sugar in months.  I rarely eat sugary foods like candy or soda so my blood glucose doesn’t swing wildly but with things as they are, I eat what I can when I can.  My blood pressure is elevated from the constant stress.  I stopped all exercise and I sleep like crap.  Since losing all that weight last year, I’ve gained more than half of it back.  My back sucks and I have a chronic pain in my forehead.

I had to get my blood work done last week in preparation for my quarterly check up.  Satomi and I used to go that lab all the time so some of the Phlebotomists remember us, “Hello Mr. Okamoto, how is your wife?”  My canned answer is truthful but polished up for public consumption, “She is at home under hospice care now but is doing very well given the circumstances.”  I nearly always get the shocked response and the pledge of support and prayers.  I’m always thankful and flattered but I am strongly considering just lying about it from now on.  The blood draw itself was uneventful.

Today was my first Endocrinologist appointment since Satomi has entered hospice.  We used to attend these appointments together so going alone really bothered me.  I sat in the exam room and waited for the doctor.  As the minutes went by I just felt like crying.  It was just one of those random reminders.

The doctor arrived and I gave him the five-minute run-down.  He responded accordingly with support and prayers and said, “…and that explains your test results.  But given the situation, they are actually quite good.”

My fasting blood sugar was high but my long-term A1C numbers were nearly identical to three-months ago.  My cholesterol was also similar and reasonably low.  My blood pressure was 148/90.  That is very high for me but is closely tied to my stress and sleep so there was no alarm.

So in the end, the visit went well.  There are definitely things I need to more closely monitor and manage by I’m doing acceptable in the circumstances.

Finally, I appreciate all the “you need to take care of yourself” messages but rest assured that I know what I need to do to improve my health.  But for the next few weeks or months, my focus is Satomi.  I’m in maintenance mode.

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