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Better Than Expected

by on February 20, 2011

Satomi slept soundly and didn’t awake until I poked her at 8:30am.  I really enjoyed sleeping the extra hour.  She was able to swallow her morning pills and didn’t complain when her other medications were administered.  She refused to eat but she did drink a good amount of water.  A friend from her cancer support group arrived to sit with Satomi this morning.  Satomi awoke to exchange a happy greeting and a few sentences but slept soundly until 1:00pm.  No aches and pains, no discomfort, no seizures but also no interaction-Just sleep.

We had some other visitors this afternoon.  We hadn’t seen these friends in some time so Satomi was very motivated to stay awake.  She was alert and smiled and interacting with them for an hour.  I was so happy that she had the strenth to spend some quality time with them.  After that hour, her energy quickly ran out.  She became very fatigued and her headaches returned.  I’m sure it was the excitement of the visit that kept her going for so long.  She was down for the afternoon.  This evening was mostly uneventful with the random head, arm, and back ache but involved a lot of sleep.

Today was better than expected.

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