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by on February 8, 2011

In these past weeks since my meetings with Rose Hills and Fukui, Satomi and I have discussed her wishes.  As you can imagine, it was a difficult and emotional discussion.

Well, mostly…

Sean:  “So do you want a niche or a plot?”

Satomi:  “A what?”

Sean:  “…hole in the ground or cubby hole in the wall?”

Satomi:  “Oh, either is ok.”

Sean:  “I like the idea of a niche at Rose Hills.  I don’t want anyone to be playing football or barbecuing on my head.”

For those of you that haven’t been to Rose Hills on a Holiday, let me tell you that I’ve seen people tailgating, picnicking, and playing football there.  Yes, at a cemetery.  I was frickin appalled and continue to be so.

Satomi:  “A niche is fine.”

Sean:  “Are you sure?  There is an urn plot available near your Dad.  Do you wanna be near your Dad?”

Satomi:  “As long as I’m in Rose Hills.  I don’t have to be right by him.”

Many jokes come to mind about her rebellious childhood but I decide to move on.

Sean:  “So a niche then?”

Satomi:  “ok.”

Sean:  “What sort of view do you want?”

She gives me a crazy look.

Satomi:  “What?  View of what?”

Sean:  “Uhhh…waterfall, city, inside a building, in a courtyard…you know…a view…”

She seems a bit perturbed.  With some attitude she says, “I’m gonna be an angel…floating around…so I’ll have a good view of anything I want!”

Sean:  “…alley view it is…”

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