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by on January 23, 2011

I walked into the girls room tonight just before bedtime and Kandice was crying.  I didn’t know why.  The girls hadn’t gotten in a fight and she hadn’t been sent to the corner.  I asked why she was crying but I thought I new why. 

I had to ask three times before getting a simple answer “…Mommy…”

I held her and said it was OK and I wasn’t mad.  My question become more specific, “Are you sad because Mommy is going to die?” 

In her cute 6-year old voice she said “…Yes…I don’t want her to die”. 

I started crying too and held her tighter.  Kandice was surprised to see Daddy cry and she touched my wet face.  I said “We all love Mommy very much and will miss her.  In the time we have left, we need to see Mommy as much as we can, OK?” 

“Yes Daddy.  I will.”

I squeezed her again.

A minute later Jillian came in.  Once she figured out what was happening, she cried too.  I held both of them.  “Girls, do you want Mommy to lie with you before you go to sleep?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good.  You both get in bed and Daddy will go get her.”

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  1. Jen permalink

    Your sweet little angels…sending our love to all of you! XOXO

  2. peg permalink

    jen warned me… still crying…. all my love to all of you…

  3. cindy permalink

    i had tears too!!! many hugs and love to all of you!!!

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