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Cross Country Help

by on January 23, 2011

These past few days we’ve had the blessing of in-house help of Satomi’s cousin, Akemi.  She’s a practicing Ob-Gyn out of Chicago with three young babies.  She graciously flew in on Thursday (1/20) to help us care for Satomi.  I was very excited about the visit.  If anyone could critique my methods, it would be a Doctor, right?

Akemi and Satomi had grown up together and were very close.  When Satomi heard of the pending visit only a few days before, she was surprised and so happy.

Akemi’s bedside manner was definitely better than mine.  I paid close attention but it’s hard to mimic the love that exist between close family especially when both are experienced medical professionals.

We are so thankful that Akemi could join us from so far away.

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  1. Akemi Nakanishi permalink

    Thank you, Sean, for allowing me to come and visit with my neichan. Like I said before, you are doing a wonderful job taking care of Satomi. I am thankful she has you.

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