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A Beautiful Thing

by on January 22, 2011

I saw something tonight that made me cry.

Satomi was trying to convince me to push her around the house in the wheelchair.  I guess she was bored.  I hadn’t planned for boredom so I had to think of something else.

I proposed that we put her on the wheelchair and roll her into the girls room.  She could lie with them for the next 20 minutes until they fell asleep or she had any discomfort.  It was a damn good idea and she agreed immediately.

We rolled her into the room and put her Jillian’s bed.  The girls cuddled up and it was like old times.  I left the room and watched on the baby monitor.  This is a video I took of the screen using my blackberry.

It’s dark and grainy and almost unwatchable but it shows the love the girls and their mother share.  It breaks my heart to know the pain that is coming to their little hearts.

Satomi enjoyed it immensely.  I offered to do it everyday from now on.  Satomi was so happy I started crying again.

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  1. cindy permalink

    i cried too!

  2. peg permalink

    I keep watching this…
    It’s just not fair.
    They look so sweet…My heart aches for all of you…
    Hugs and Love…

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