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Advanced Directive

by on December 31, 2010

Satomi signed an Advanced Directive today.  We have been discussing it on-and-off for the past week.  It gives instructions to healthcare providers detailing Satomi’s wishes including a Healthcare Power of Attorney, resuscitation instructions, organ donation, and primary physician information.  It is not a “Do Not Resusitate” (DNR) order.

The AD is a bit redundant in our situation.  In cases that an AD does not exist, the spouse is the primary responsible family member so I’m on the hook either way. 

If the patient did not want the services of their spouse or immediate family, this form would be used to legally define the patient’s preferred representative.  It’s an important document to preserve the wishes of the patient.

I apologize for this post not being overly emotional as it is obviously an emotional subject.  A lot of tears were involved with this form.  That’s the exact reason why this post is so dry.  I wrote it that way so I wouldn’t relive that terrible discussion. 

Satomi and I are in our 40’s and our parents are in their 60’s and 70’s.  Many of you are also that age.  An AD and possibly hospice care will play a role in all of our lives sometime in the future so I thought it important to post that we had completed one and talk about the mechanics of the process.  Hopefully we can convey some useful information to all of you.

In the future I promise to publish the emotion filled post but definitely not now.

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