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by on December 29, 2010

Sean just came in to try this strap for me to try so he can “handle” me to the bathroom/around the room so I don’t fall – the problem is I have so much weakness all over that no matter what “strap” use -mishandling it will be painful especially in my groin area! A typical gait belt will help with “walking” types of activities but will be hard for more “harness when getting on/off the toilet! SEan opted for his mounting climbing gear for the toilet but the straps could potentially get in the way -I know he has good intentions the engineer in him is thinking constantly about how to keep me safe but as long as I can help a little, I really don’t want to be confined to the strap! I think the next step will be mechanical lift with bedside commode, then bed pan – rather be safe than sorry! I just want to break another bone! Thanks for those who gave him ur input – he could really use the guidance! I still want some quality in my life!

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