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can I do this?

by on December 29, 2010

Got up, went down, had breakfast -Kiyomi, my sister came -went to rad – had another small seizure on the table but I guess finished rad since brought mask home – Sean cancelled my port-a-cath placement with my increased risk of infection but will probably still get IV herceptin to treat so it doesn’t spread – had to stop by pharmacy for more antiseizure med – Kyom here to translate to my mom what happened, what could happen and what the plan can be from here on – tomorrow no labs/ekg for me -just kandice well check! Wondering if I’ll get through this? Feel so overwhelmed/unstable! I sound coherent but really! Had lunch from Flame Broiler -chicken/veggie bowl with brown rice – good for u! Just need to rest! Tomorrow not so busy now! Gonna rest now! Have a great,dry day everyone! Yes, it was raining here earlier!

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  1. Vicki Tuggy permalink

    Gretchen sent an email with a link to this so I have been reading your comments. We know five people with cancer right now, a three year old girl, a 44 year old man at our church, a friend from a homeschool group with glioblastoma, someone’s dad who has extensive throat and tongue cancer, and you. I don’t know you that well; in the past I’ve tried to write a couple of letters talking about God’s place in your struggle. I don’t know what you think of Him. You seem so upbeat in your comments while your husband is more negative. I can pray for healing, but the most important thing I want for you is for you to know that He can be your God and whatever happens can be borne because of your relationship with Him. Your husband needs Him as well but I think he would be more blaming right now. I am glad you have supportive family and hope you will even see God’s care in that.

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