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New week, new schedules!

by on December 14, 2010

Yesterday was the beginning of this whole new week of craziness! As per regular schedule for me, I had my usual 10:45 radiation appt. But today is the beginning of a few changes we have to accommodate for – hopefully just for this week. Sean’s mom went in for surgery for her neck yesterday so she won’t be playing a major care taker role -actually his dad has to step in to be her care taker to make sure she’s fine! She’s still in the hospital recuperating and hopefully healing well! My mom is here for the week to help me and the girls! She’s actually picking up Kandice right now! Then she will bring her home, homework, then pick up Jillian b4 or after starting dinner! I took my morning nap already but may forego the afternoon one depending on how the girls are! Sean left for FL for a convention and will be back late Thursday night! I’m sitting up in bed just waiting for my mom to bring Kandice home -I’m getting a little hungry (barely ate lunch since I had a late breakfast)! So, gonna go downstairs carefully since I’m so dizzy so I can get a quick bite to eat!

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