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A Fair Day

by on December 14, 2010

Even in all its craziness, today didn’t turn out too bad – just hope the girls don’t wake up to a crazy dream cuz I can’t hear them -hopefully I have the audio monitor on loud enough for my mom or Sean’s dad to hear! Sean was still here this morning so it went pretty smooth! Sean’s flight was @ 2:20 from LAX and he just texted me he landed in Orlando just a bit ago after a layover in Atlanta! His trip home should be nonstop so hopefully it will be much nicer! This afternoon, my mom picked up Kandice, she came home, had a snack, and we did her homework then, she went with my mom to pick up Jillian. My mom made dinner for the girls – Sean’s Dad came back from the hospital just after 5 to spend time with the girls so it was nice! I can’t hear the girls so when they argue in front of me, I can’t understand what they are arguing about so I just say, “Sorry, girls, Mommy can’t hear so I can’t help u”. It’s worse cuz I can’t read their lips, especially when they are probably mumbling at the same time AND my vision has gotten worse (I have more nystagmus where my eyes really bounce around) so I can’t focus! I can’t play the ref right now and just try to just nip it at the bud! That’s the most difficult part of this is trying to raise two little girls who don’t really understand what’s going on!

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