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by on June 16, 2010

Over the past few months I have been making efforts to return to work or more accurately, to re-focus my self-defined role as husband and father from care-giver to bread-winner.  It didn’t take me long to identify my problem. 

The difficulty was making any measurable progress in its solution.  After a month of wasting my time, I swallowed my pride and sought out professional help.  It should be obvious that nothing is more serious to me. 

Throughout this process I’ve written numerous times of my struggles but all attempts were mediocre and none accurately reflected my emotional state.

In my 20+ years of writing in complete and mostly coherent sentences, I’ve learned that anything this emotionally charged should be re-read with fresh eyes after being slept-on. 

Even after my self-audit, none of my prose reflected my emotional state.  How could it?  My mood changed all the time.  I had to figure things out and it took a bit of time. 

That’s why I didn’t update this blog.

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  1. Mako permalink

    Can’t blame a man for wanting to maintain. You gotta maintain, especially after all your family has gone through. Ah ight den.

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