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Cyberknife Round 2

by on April 8, 2010

Satomi was on the treatment table for only about 35 minutes; her back didn’t even have time to hurt.  It was so fast that I actually thought they were aborting the treatment because I pissed someone off with my blog. 

Our favorite Radiation Oncologis started reading this blog while they monitored Satomi’s progress.  I got a bit self-conscious after whole treatment team started reading it too.  They seemed to enjoy my banter.  As they say-the web is forever.

Earlier this year, Newport Diagnostics got a new Cyberknife machine.  Lot’s of new gizmos and beeps.  It’s 4x more powerful than the previous model that treated Satomi last year.  I found all the new features quite impressive.  There capabilities have definitely improved since last year.  Here’s a link to more information:

Once I realized that they were actually finished after only 35 minutes, “4x more powerful” stuck in my mind.  In that split second I was reminded of all the burnt burritos and pizza that we’ve been suffering through since getting our new microwave.  Sorry about the obviously flawed comparison but what could “4x more powerful” do?  I checked Satomi’s head-No signs of scorch marks or bald patches.  I guess that’s a good sign.

There is some localized pain below her left ear but overall, it went well.  Satomi was quite tired afterward but that may be due to the extra Darvocet she took beforehand.  Her dizziness is the same thus far but we don’t expect to anychanges right away.  She was tired the rest of the evening and has been mostly lying in bed.  Seems par for the course.

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One Comment
  1. I didn’t realize the procedure was done already! You being there today…thank you.
    I hope you both know I love you.

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