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Electron Beam Computed Tomography Scan

by on April 7, 2010

What the heck is that?  I didn’t know either and to be honest, I didn’t care much about it.  Satomi’s Cardiologist ordered it sort of out of the blue.  We got a letter from the Cardiologist and a call from the Imaging Lab.  If it were important, I would expect a direct call from the doctor. 

Accordingly I delayed the appointment until we had a free week.  At least it was a free week when I made the appointment.  Now with the new tumor, this was one damn busy week.

The test went smoothly and did have some useful information.  All the major vessels in Satomi’s heart are 100% clear of plaque. 

Plaque (i.e  hardening of the arteries) is a concern since her Cholesterol was over 400 last year.  Her Cholesterol is still elevated but the medication seems to be working. 

It’s nice to have found a part of Satomi’s body that is working well.

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