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Ready for the Vertibroplasty

by on January 6, 2010

We arrived at 7:30am. By 7:35am, I was perturbed, by 7:45am, I was aggravated, and by 8:30am, I was pissed.  This place doesn’t communicate between departments for crap.  Let me be specific so all of you can determine if I am being petty.

I spoke with 3 separate hospital personnel yesterday during our Pre-Op tests to verify where to check in this morning.  After these discussions, I confirmed which floor and desk was appropriate.  Everything was set and I was confident.  My ultimate goal in all this is to minimize Satomi’s walking and hopefully minimize Satomi’s back pain.

Upon arrival, we went to the Surgery Reception desk on the correct floor as verified yesterday.  They immediately sent us back to the main information desk stating that they can’t talk to us until we get an ID band.  Strike 1.  We go back to the info desk and they cannot find our information.  After digging, we were informed that we weren’t scheduled for an “operation” but a “radiological procedure” and sent us to Radiology.  Strike 2.  At Radiology, I explain the situation and after some confused looks, finally get Satomi’s ID band.  We were then escorted to Admitting Services-a completely new desk that we didn’t know we had to talk to at all-and Satomi was checked in.  We finally returned back to the Surgery Reception desk and was greeted with smiles.

Shortly thereafter we were escorted back into Pre-Op and was greeted by the nurses with “Wow, you guys are early!”  I explained that our procedure was at 9:00am and were instructed to arrive between 7:30am and 8:00am.  They disagreed and showed me their schedule:  “Satomi Okamoto-Vertibroplasty 11:00am“.  I continued to explain that we got 2 confirmation calls from the hospital last night and both said the procedure was at 9:00am.  They explained that they were OK with prepping Satomi and keeping her comfortable but the anesthesiologist was scheduled for 11:00am; No one was assigned at 9:00am.  I kept my composure but I was beside myself upset.  Strike 3!

The nurses worked on Satomi for a few minutes-IV line, vitals, allergy questions-the standard stuff.  Then Dr. Chen showed up.  I asked her about the procedure start time and she verified that her team was ready for a 9:00am start.  I pointed her at the nurse and asked for enlightenment.  The doctor was shocked and expressed her dissatisfaction.  She located her anesthesiologist (Dr. Bak) and brought him in immediately.  We were very lucky that Dr. Bak was available.  A few minutes later, Satomi was ready to go.

I gave Satomi a kiss and they rolled her away.  She was in positive spirits.  It was 9:10am.  Dr. Chen said it would be about 3 hours until we had some word on Satomi’s condition.

I don’t think my negative opinion of this place is unjustified.  Maybe you’ll agree with me.  In any case, I have the next 3 hours to find a “How are we doing?” box.

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  1. Pegs permalink

    I should’ve read your blog earlier… then I would’ve know i’d be pissed today.

  2. Mako permalink

    I would have lost it at the second desk talking about spewing phrases like “deplorable service”, “disorganized” and then “legal action”. I’d write bad reviews for every nurse, the charge nurse and hospital administrators and then send the complaint to a local TV station to see if I could “shame” them. That blows!!!

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