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Pre-Op Tests

by on January 6, 2010

The pre-op tests went fairly well.  The day was long and the test was more complicated than I thought.  Satomi had an Adenosine Nuclear Stress Test to check her heart function.  Take a look here for more information on the test:

It took several hours and involved several periods of waiting.  I was worried that Satomi’s back would give out so I was very prudent with the hospital staff.  To last thru the longer periods, we had Satomi wait lying on her side on an exam table.  She made it through fine.

The Cardiologist reviewed all the test results and found nothing wrong.  I asked about the irregular EKG and all he said was that it was “irregular”.  Dr Chang was very serious.

He blessed the operation tomorrow.   Strangely, Satomi and I both are nervous about it.

[Update:  This morning our Radiologist, Dr. Chen, clarified the Cardiologist concern.  She said the EKG did have a minor irregularity but the review of the Adenosine scans created some confusion.  Apparently, Satomi’s tissue expander in her left chest showed up on the scans and given its location was being interpretted as a small amount of dead muscle.  It took them a while to remember that the expander was in place.  If it didn’t concern Satomi’s health, I would have considered it amuzing.  At the moment, I think these people maybe smart but don’t listen very well].

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