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Cardiology Consult

by on January 1, 2010

Yesterday we just got a call from Dr. Mortimer, the Oncologist we had initially seen at the City of Hope.  Apparently, the EKG that was taken during our most recent visit showed some minor irregularity in Satomi’s rhythm.  The staff Cadiologist must examine Satomi before her Wednesday procedure to verify that all is well before anasthesia is given.

I was disappointed and a bit upset as this would mean another long drive and more back pain for Satomi.  I nicely expressed myself.  The doctor was very apologetic but stressed its importance.  She assumed the irregular EKG was due to the confined cardiac space and irregular position of Satomi’s spine but in any case, they had to make sure things were OK.

Satomi took it in stride but shared my disappointment.  The Cardiology department was suppose to call to setup our appointment but has yet to do so.  I am quite anxious about it as we only have time on Tuesday, the day before the spinal procedure.  I would be quite upset if we have to delay it because of a scheduling foul-up.

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