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Sickness Status

by on November 29, 2009

Technically, it is now Sunday morning.  Kandi and Jill are fever-free but remain a bit sniffly.  They are playing around like normal and overall happy kids.

I just finished Day-4 of my 5-Day Tamiflu regimen.  I actually feel pretty good with only a slight cough and fever (100.5°F~101°F).

Our isolation of Satomi seems to have worked but all the drugs she’s taking for her Kidney stones are playing havoc with her system.  She’s dizzier and nauseas.  She’s stopping the drugs for a couple of days to give her system a rest.


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One Comment
  1. Pegs permalink

    Boy, you’ve had a time of it…
    Glad to hear your boughts with the flu are almost over. I’m still battling my cold. Will probably go see the doctor again myself this week. =P

    Hang in there and give everyone a hug from me.

    Luv ya!

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