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Our second 2nd opinion

by on November 24, 2009

I just received a phone call from Dr. David Chan, an Oncologist from Cancer Care Associates in Torrance.  He was highly recommended by several of our friends with past cancer experience and some other doctors.  I had sent him a complete copy of Satomi’s medical record and a DVD with her scans.

The doctor asked a few questions and confirmed that Satomi’s care was fine.  He didn’t think an office visit was necessary especially since he would have provided the same basic treament plan and that her recent spinal scan was negative. 

I also mentioned that we had just met with Dr. Chap.  Apparently, they are colleagues and he was quite confident in her abilities and opinion. 

He ded recommend another UCLA Doctor to review Satomi’s brain tumor progress.  

It was a fairly short but positive conversation.

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  1. Joyce permalink

    Hi Satomi & Sean,
    Small world. Dr David Chan is my oncologist. He is the best in the South Bay and if he agrees with the treatment, then that is very reassuring. He saved my life and I adore him.
    We love you very much. Our family will continue to pray for your health and complete healing.
    Love, Joyce.

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