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Good News?!

by on November 23, 2009

To confirm the cancerous nature of Satomi’s spine, we took detailed CT and MRI images earlier this past week.  My mood during the test was a bit solemn.

A few days later I received a call from our Oncologist.  It was a call in the middle of the day so I thought it important.  The doctor asked for Satomi to join us on the phone so I knew it was important.  Unfortunately, Satomi was at Physical Therapy so I was alone to get the news.  As normal, I expected the worst.  Those few seconds of anticipation was just excruciating.

Satomi’s spine is not cancerous.

I was shocked and in complete disbelief.  What the hell just happened?  What happened to everyone thinking it was cancerous?  Are you sure?

Our Oncologist said that she had the scans reviewed by 3 separate Radiologists to confirm the news.  All of them agreed that it did not look like cancer.  Satomi did have 3 damaged vertebrae but they think it due to Osteopenia (low bone density).

But here’s the disclaimer:  This opinion is based upon visual review of the scans.  Since there can be no biopsy, they can’t be 100% confident that it’s not cancer. 

From what I have read, cancerous bone tumors look quite different from other types of bone damage but nonetheless, these results remain subjective.  I’m picking up the scans tomorrow morning and plan to get many other opinions.

Honestly, I have trouble believing any good news.  Our luck has been terrible thus far, so why would things change now?  I remain tempered until I get further confirmation.

This emotional roller coaster is just exhausting.

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  1. Ryan permalink

    Wonderful news! I’m so glad. You certainly have had a string of rough luck, but it’s time things turned for the better.

  2. Pegs permalink

    Hang in there!!!
    We’ll be postive for you!

    sending LOVE to all of yoU!!

  3. J&J permalink

    That is great news! We’re so happy to hear it….and look forward to hearing more good news!!! Take care, and remember that you have a whole crew of friends praying for you and the family, as well as to call on if you need anything!

  4. Ron & Laura permalink

    Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. We will think positive thoughts for you. Stay strong and hang in there Sean. Please send Satomi our love.

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