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Renal System

by on November 20, 2009

We met with a Urologist today to check for any stones in Satomi’s right kidney and to verify her overall renal system health.  The renal system is taxed by all the drugs she’s taking so this is important.

Just prior to the visit, Satomi passed several humungous kidney stones.  Given the size of a typical kidney stone, calling these “boulders” would not be unreasonable.  The largest measured 10mm-That’s no typo.  The largest kidney stone was 1cm across at it’s widest point!  Satomi brought them to the appointment in a little bag.  The doctor was just shocked.

Lucky for her she was on anti-inflammatories (Decadron) and pain-killers (Darvocet) so passing these suckers were relatively painless.

The doctor confirmed that Satomi’s system has a tendancy to form stones over time.  To address this issue, Satomi is suppose to take (2) more pills one of which is an antibiotic. 

She takes a lot of medication.

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