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Terrible News

by on November 11, 2009

Results from last weeks Pet/CT scan show that Satomi’s cancer has spread to her spine.  The Oncologist said that there are 3 locations in her thoracic vertebrae.  Satomi has lower back pain but nothing in the area in question.  Beyond that I don’t know details. 

A biopsy is not necessary as the growth has been since our last PET/CT scan only a few months ago.  Even if this wasn’t the case, it’s location wouldn’t allow a physical biopsy as the area is surrounded by nerves and other sensitive tissue.  It would risk paralysis.

According to our Oncologist, it’s a clear sign that the cancer is still active and aggressive.  The chemo drugs were not effective and need to be changed.  

Obviously this is not good news but the doctor emphasized that Satomi is not dying.  Her brain scar tissue is doing very well and there are no sign of other brain tumors.

It’s hard to stay positive but I guess it could be a lot worse.  If it were in her brain, our Satomi, as we know her, could cease to exist well before her body quit.  That would be devastating.

That’s about as positive as I can be right now.

We are trying to figure out what comes next.  New Chemo drugs?  New Oncologist?  Eastern Medicine?  Voodoo witchcraft?  A combination of everything?

We have an appointment with the Oncologist on Thursday to discuss options.

We’re all so tired.  Can we just wake up from this nightmare?

[After reading this many of you will be upset.  I won’t stop you from calling but just know that talking on the phone is very fatiguing for her.  I know an E-mail is very impersonal but it would be fine given the situation.  Her E-mail is automatically forwarded to her Blackberry so that may be the best conduit for communication.  She is on her Blackberry a lot.  If you want to visit, please contact me to coordinate it.]

[Authors note:  For anyone that is sending her E-mail, be sure to send it to her Yahoo Email account:  Her E-mail does not forward to her Blackberry.  Sorry about the mix up.]

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