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Manifestation of Stress

by on November 11, 2009

Over these past couple of years, I’ve had many wonderful people urge me to take care of myself.  On the most part, I thought I did a decent job.  I tried to eat healthier-more organics, less red meat-take my vitamins, a probiotic or two, go to the doctor when I didn’t feel well.  You know-normal stuff that didn’t put any more stress in my over-stressed life. 

Overall, I felt pretty good for a 40 year-old that is 50lbs over-weight.  With that in mind, I made plans to return to the gym and drop a few pounds.  I went to my Doctor for the infamous middle-age “complete physical”.  All the men out there know what I’m talking about.  And “no”, my Doctor’s hands weren’t cold.

Unfortunately, my bloodwork showed that my feeble effort just wasn’t enough-I am a diabetic.  It really pains me to say it and I’m no where near coming to terms with it.

Even though I have every risk factor there possibly could be-asian, overweight, little to no physical activity, family history-my Doctor said it was likely triggered by all of the stress in my life.  My body just can’t handle it.

I thought my life was difficult enough with the kids and Satomi but now I have to seriously take care of myself too?  It just keeps getting better.

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