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In the ER Again

by on August 26, 2009

Satomi was home alone and just finished eating lunch. She sat at the kitchen table and rested but couldn’t catch her breath. She couldn’t control her breathing at all. Her heart started palpatating.

She called my cell phone. I was at lunch with Clients. Lunch was cut short and I sped home.

She was breathing so hard, her chest hurt and she could barely talk. I dialed 911.

Firemen showed up first in less than 5 minutes and started taking her vitals. EMT’s followed shortly afterward and took over. She didn’t improve on oxygen and her HR was tachy. When they put her on the gurney her back pain was absolutely terrible and she moaned in pain several times. Off in the ambulance she went. I followed a minute afterward.

We got to St.Joes and they started their work. Many tests later, they don’t see any problem with her bloodwork or her lungs. They just did an echo of her heart and we’re waiting on the outcome.

I’m worried myself. I know that the location of the tumor scar tissue is very near the Medula Oblongata which controls breathing. I mentioned it to the Dr and nurse but I think they are keeping that as a last resort. But that’s my worry talking.

Now she’s in the ER bed, with the monitor alarms constantly ringing-High respiration, high at-rest heart rate. So annoying!

There’s a few more tests and then she’ll be admitted. Then I’ll go home to watch over the girls.

Things just aren’t getting any easier.

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  1. Kyu Kim permalink

    praying for you and your family….hang in there Sean.


  2. christi musgrave permalink

    our prayers are with you all. outpt dept.

  3. pegs permalink

    Let me know if you need some help on Friday. I’m done with work by noon. John too. We can come down there and lend a hand if you need…P

  4. Janice permalink

    Satomi doll, sending you all my love and have been thinking about you a lot lately. Love you, Janice

  5. Janice permalink

    To Satomi Doll and all, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love to all

  6. Mako permalink

    I hope everything is OK. We’ll be thinking good thoughts up in nor cal for you.

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