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New Therapies

by on August 22, 2009

Satomi started vestibular rehab last week.  For everyone that doesn’t know what this is, here is a link to our therapist’s website:

Apparently, Satomi had referred past patients there so she was familiar with the facility.  She was also acquainted with some of the therapy staff back from Satomi’s stint at Long Beach Memorial.

Teresa is our therapist.  She is very knowledgeable and spoke to Satomi using all those PT medical words.  I had to ask a lot of questions to keep up.  Teresa actually laughed at a few of my jokes so I think we’ll get along fine.  About half way through the evaluation, I saw Teresa’s business card and realized her last name is England.  Call me Sherlock but our therapist Teresa owns the place-Nice.  There’s no messing around when the boss is treating you.

At least for me, it was a very uplifting experience.  The therapy room reminds me of Tustin Rehab’s-Satomi looked quite at home there.  The initial evaluation was quite informative and encouraging.  As you can see from the website, their results are quite positive.  Teresa was very confident that the therapy would improve Satomi’s condition however, she didn’t know to what extent.  Even if it’s only on an emotional level, it should do wonders for Satomi.

Physically Satomi has a long road ahead.  Teresa showed Satomi a few exercise to improve her core strength and we did some neurological tests to the check the extent of her “dizziness”.   I didn’t get the name of the test but it had to do with her eyes continuing to bouncing around after her head stops moving.  I’ll give you all more info later but needless to say that her results were good.

It’s a bit ironic that Satomi needs advice on exercises-I mean she has been a licensed PT for what-15+years?  I think it’s a motivational thing-She needs someone to guide and encourage her.  Since I know nothing about it, having another therapist involved is perfect.

We’re planning to go to therapy twice a week.

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