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by on June 11, 2009

Most of you don’t know that Satomi has a bicuspid heart valve; a “tricuspid” valve is much more common.  Here is an article that describes it in some detail:

It’s a somewhat minor heart defect that became apparent during her pregnancy with Kandice.  As she got bigger, her heart had to work harder to move the extra blood and Satomi had some heart palpatations.  It was a bit concerning so we went to see a Cardiologist.

That’s when we found out she had the bicuspid valve.  Practically speaking, not to big a deal.  But then again, a bicuspid valve is typically replaced in the patients 50’s or 60’s.  What?!  Open heart surgery?  Great…something to look forward to.

That said, as part of all these treatments, she gets periodic Echo’s.  Nothing unusual-the valve was working fine.

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