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Gap in the Blogs: What’s up?

by on May 27, 2009

A lot but let me first say that Satomi is fine.  There were some tough days in there. 

The predominant issue with the posting gap is my habit of re-reading my writing sometime later as a sanity check before I post them.  Most of the time, I can re-read my work in the parking lot during Cyberknife or in the evening.  These last few days were a bit of an overload for me. 

I have a lot to say but want to do it in some rational fashion; Some of these posts I just couldn’t rush.  Hence, no posts since last Tuesday.

So read on:

…beginning her regimen of oral chemo,

…her 4th Cyberknife session,

…her day with a physical rating of 1,

…my 93 mph traffic ticket,

…a day off with the fella’s in Vegas

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