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Cyberknife Session #3

by on May 26, 2009

Today is our 7th wedding anniversay.  We discussed it and decided to forgoe celebrations until her Cyberknife treatments are completed. 

John, a close family friend, sent a text message to both Satomi and I wishing us a “Happy Aniversary!”   Apparently, Satomi felt so bad about the situation that she felt it necessary to apologize to John for our lack of celebration.

Actually, in the fog that is her consciousness, Satomi thought I was the author of the original message thus prompting the beforementioned apology.  We both got a good laugh out of the confusion.  I still haven’t read the actual text but I am assured by both Parties that nothing illicit was said.  That’s too bad-At least I would have had a witness to the illicitness.

Satomi is in the treatment room now.  It has become a bit routine and familiar.  Everything is proceeding as normal.  On her way to treatment, she had a spark in her eye and a quick walking pace.  I was pleasantly surprised.  She still couldn’t look out the window while driving but overall she was much better.  I’d estimate her physical and emotional rating at a 4.

She finished her antibiotics yesterday.  Maybe that is the reason for her reduced dizziness.  We’re gearing up for the start of the oral chemo.

2 1/2 hours later she was out and we went to Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch.  Her neck was still stiff as before but she slept through most of the procedure.  Maybe I’m being dillusional but it sure seems like it’s getting easier.  Knock on wood.

  1. Missy permalink

    Happy belated Anniversary to you both…You are all still in my thoughts always…wishing you both strength and comfort… an anniversary celebration is a great thing to look forward to !

  2. koichi permalink

    satomi, ganbare…. keep your spirits up. hoping you get better and wishing we were closer by to support you.

    koichi, naomi, foster, hunter

  3. candice permalink

    happy belated anniversary! you’re doing so well satomi and looking so good! you’re looking ok too sean! 🙂 hang in there both of you. our thoughts are with you as always!

  4. pegs permalink

    How you doing now? 7 years?! well, many pounds later, I guess so. =) Just sending hugs, P

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