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Satomi and Work

by on May 3, 2009

Satomi is going back to work tomorrow.

She’s doing so well, I can’t say no.  She’s planning to work half a day tomorrow.  If things go well, she’ll be working 3 half-days a week. 

She still can’t drive so she’ll be getting a ride from my Parents or myself.  Jillian goes to preschool on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for half days so we won’t have to make a special trip.

I have mixed feelings and will be watching her closely.

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  1. candice permalink

    sean, you got yourself a fighter! hang tough satomi but don’t push yourself too much. as always, our thoughts are with you!

  2. pegs permalink

    My Aunty Miyo’s best friend said to let you know that when she was 40, she got cancer and they said it didn’t look good. She’s probably close to 70 now.

  3. Mako Jitodai permalink

    Just to add a lil’ flavah to this here blog…

    Satomi ~ You da woman, ya hear?! Go smack this cancer upside it’s head. You done shown it what time it was befoe, you gonna do again. You know you off the chain, girl. 10% of whatevah is left inside your grape can’t stop you! Yeeeaaaaauuuuhhh!

    Ok, on the serious tip…

    I can’t describe everything that I felt finding out about what has happened and is happening. I am singularly impressed by how well the two of you have managed to handle this situation. Yes, you are stressed, yes you are under tremendous pressure, but you have both fought and fought hard. And you still manage to provide for Jillian and Candice. Humbled and amazed aren’t strong enough words to say how I feel about you guys.

    With much love and support from N. Cali

    Mako, Lianne and Kara

  4. mike permalink

    That’s so awesome! Can’t believe she’s back at work already. Just make sure she doesn’t push herself too hard. And we’re always here if you need anything.

  5. Chansamone's permalink

    We should show this to dad! =)

  6. Jennifer Dang permalink

    Way to go, Satomi!!! Sean, we think you are awesome too! Can’t wait to see you at Polly’s next Tuesday!

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