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by on April 20, 2009

My tentative plan is to keep working throughout her treatments but that’s just a guess at this point.  The potential range of treatments and the time commitments are vast.  There are so many things that need to be organized that cannot be attempted with any accuracy until we know her treatment plan.  The waiting is killing me.

All of you that know me, knows that I am a planner, sometimes to a flaw.  How many of you remember the dozens-and-dozens of pages of scripted and organized notes that I used to compose Satomi and my wedding?

“…Cue MC.  Bride and Groom enter stage left.  Spotlight to couple.  Prewarn guests along path A to pull-in chairs to allow couple to pass freely.  If path A impeaded, take path B.  MC to have spare microphone ready at foot of head table.  Couple to pause on dance floor.  Using microphone, verbally acknowledge Parents-Limit to 30 seconds.  Enter head table stage from right (North)… blah, blah, blah…”

For all of you that don’t know me, everything that I am passionate about gets that sort of attention-especially those things that I had never done before.  Safe to say that I have never organized and executed a cancer treatment plan and there isn’t much more in this world that I could be more passionate about.

As I said before, the waiting is killing me.

  1. Julie & John permalink

    We have no doubt you will research every option possible and ask all the right questions! Like you said, there is nothing you could be more passionate about! But remember, your friends are as passionate about you and the well being of your family….Take care and know that we are all here to support Satomi, you, and the kids!

  2. Kiyomi permalink

    Me too! I am up tonight at 3 AM just lots going through my head. It’s mostly about work, but the most important thing that I can’t stop thinking about is the PET scan. I can’t wait for the results too. I’m worried about the results, but keep praying and praying that we will only hear good news. No cancer anywhere else. If I had one wish this is what I would wish for. These are my ramblings.
    Hang in there Sean and Satomi! No matter the results we will be there for you.Gammbatte!

  3. pegs permalink

    funny thing is. I don’t consider you anal for some reason. =} I remember all the details, but I didn’t think anything of it! =)
    I’m with you on the waiting thing… wierd thing is you might get word on the same day Aya finds out her situation…

    with you

  4. Jennifer Dang permalink

    Satomi, you look great for someone who had gone through brain surgery – this just prove again you are one strong woman! The picture of you and the girls are so precious! Sean, thank you so much for the daily update (otherwise, we would have been so worry not knowing what is going on). Satomi, our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and your family. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the surgery and best outlook with future treatment.

  5. The Wakatani's permalink

    Sean, you are so right . . . it’s so important to stay positive. There is so much love & positive energy & uplifting prayer coming from our family to yours. Keep up the good fight. Much love to you from Joyce, Derek & Ashlie.

  6. julie permalink

    justn like i said before. i have no summer plans, so if satomi doesn’t mind me, i’m available to take her to treatments, or watch the kids, or help around the house. let me know if i can be of any use to you guys. no enryo.

  7. Tina Ray permalink

    Okay, I’m home from Oregon!!! What can I do? You all are in my family and friends prayers. Also on the church’s prayer chain!! Very strong prayer warriors!! Anything I or any of us in the group can do for you and the family. . . CALL US!!! That’s why we are here. . . to support each other in ALL things!!! Love to you!!
    Tina 🙂

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