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529 College Savings Plan

by on March 21, 2011

As requested, I opened 529 College Savings Plan accounts in Kandice’s and Jillian’s names at Fidelity Investments [].

Contributions can be made by mailing in a completed deposit form [For an interactive pdf, click:  529 Deposit Form] and a check.

Please fill in the form as follows:

  • “Name” is my name “Sean Okamoto”.
  • “Daytime Telephone Number” is my telephone number “714-749-7480”.
  • “Fidelity Account Number” for each child is noted below.

Kandice Mina Okamoto
Account #618295841

Jillian Mika Okamoto
Account #618295884

  • “For Brokerage Accounts” and “For Mutual Accounts” sections are to be left blank.
  • Make the check out to “Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC”.
  • Write the account number on the Memo Line of the check.
  • Mail it in to the PO Box in Cincinnati, OH noted on the form.
  • Each child has a separate account so separate forms and checks are necessary.

Or, you can simply give a check to the Receptionist at the Service. Please put them in a card or envelope with your contact information.  I’ll fill-in the form and mail all of them in at once.

Kandice, Jillian, Satomi and I thank you very much.

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