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Recommendation: Logistics of the Day

by on March 17, 2011

I wanted to discuss the days events so all of you can be best prepared to enjoy the festivities.  I am being my normal over-anal self so we can be better prepared to handle a larger crowd.

The formal service is at 10:00am and is mostly traditional.  There will be prayers and some eulogies from several different people from her life.  It is followed by words of comfort and appreciation.  We expect for the service to be about 60 minutes up to this point.  Then its your turn-the final tribute begins.

Groups of attendees will be selected by the mortuary attendants and directed up the center aisle to view Satomi and greet all of us.  The order of viewing is based purely on seating and typically starts from farthest to nearest.  Keep in mind that “farthest” may mean “across-the-courtyard-in-the-other-building”.  In other words, if you got a seat up front, you will see Satomi last so be prepared for a long sit.

I am told it takes 15 minutes for 100 people to complete the cycle of viewing and greeting.  If 400 is an accurate figure, that’s a solid hour of viewing and greeting.  Be sure to pay attention to the attendants!

It is important to keep moving so don’t dilly-dally!  It is entirely possible that the walkways will be partially blocked by standing visitors.  Watch where you walk!  Anyone in a wheelchair, watch were you roll!

I would recommend that anyone in a wheelchair sit in the Fellowship Hall overflow area when they first arrive as opposed to in the main chapel.  From the Fellowship Hall, the doors leading directly from the hall to the central courtyard are isolated with steps so all wheelchairs will use the ramp access through the main hallway.

Upon vacating, all the chairs in the Fellowship Hall will be replaced with tables arranged for lunch service so DO NOT LEAVE ANY BELONGINGS BEHIND!  This room rearrangement will be key to starting lunch on time.

After viewing you are to immediately proceed to the food.  I have catered BBQ luncheon to follow.  The chef would have already started grilling and will have the entrees ready to go at 11:00am sharp.  The food will be setup buffet style in one of the classrooms off of the courtyard.  Help yourself and move into the “Fellowship Room” or into the courtyard seating.  Take the time to enjoy each others company and talk about Satomi’s life.

In the Fellowship Hall we will have a slide show playing about Satomi’s life and an open mike for anyone that may have a story to share.  I am told that we may have a few other surprises in there too.  There will only be seating for 150 persons in that room so the space is first come, first served.  The obvious overflow is the courtyard and then the spare classrooms that encircle the courtyard.

If all goes to plan, then we will join you by noon or soon thereafter.  If it doesn’t go to plan, enjoy yourselves, eat up, and we’ll see you whenever we can.

I am told that the extended weather forecast calls for some chance of rain that day so be ready!

Plans are all coming together so it still may change some .  If this occurs, I will update this post ASAP.

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