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A Few Practical Changes

by on March 2, 2011

The traffic to the blog has increased by a factor of four so I wanted to simplify things for all of you.

I’m sorry about the Day-of-the-Week post titles.  I don’t like them typically but since I’ve been updating a few times a day, I thought it would make things easier to follow.  Anything not related to the daily update would still get an original name.

I upload all the photos in full size and rely upon to shrink them down.  That way, you can click on the photo and the high-resolution file is displayed in all its colorful goodness.

Finally, I increased the number of posts that show on the homepage from three to five.  As it was set before, if I posted more than three a day, you’d have to go to the second page to see them all.  That was just a pain so now, with the magic of, it is five.

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