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Sunday Morning

by on February 27, 2011

So I went ahead with reducing her bedtime meds again.  This time no Ambien at all, only a small bit of Oxy and her normal Ativan.  This morning she’s sleeping like a rock.  She did wake up when I gave her morning meds but went immediately back to sleep.  No eating.  No drinking. 

It’s now lunch time and she still out cold.  On a positive note, there is no signs of pain or agitation.  I’d be happier if she drank some water at least.

We have some friends visiting later today and her entire family will be here for dinner so I’m going to let her rest up now.  Hopefully later will go smoothly.

Unless something changes, I’m not going to reduce her medication again tonight.  I want to let things stabilize for a few days.

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