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by on February 24, 2011

Satomi slept all day.

She slept right through her morning meds and Fentanyl patch changes.  I was told that she slept right through lunch and visits from her friends.  She awoke for a brief minute after lunch and got a few spoonfuls of juice but not food.

Satomi’s breathing is unusual and alarming.  It’s 3 to 5 seconds of nothing followed by a sudden gasp.  It sounds like she forgot to breath and then suddenly remembers.  I’ve seen it before at night but I don’t recall it during the day.  From what I have read, this is normal.

Overall, the day was uneventful-exactly how I like it-but some eating would have been nice.  

It’s 4:30pm now so we’ll see how the rest of the evening goes.

9:30pm UPDATE:  She slept solidly until I administered her bedtime meds.  My rolling her over woke her.  After giving the meds, I took the oppurtunity to feed her some apple slices and a few ounces of water.  That’s all the food she ate today.  I tucked her back in and she went back to sleep.

The meds remain less than half her previous normal dosage.  I’m concerned that even this reduced dose is too much for her slowed metabolism.  In any case, she’s not in pain or freaking out so things are ok over here.

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