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From this point forward

by on February 23, 2011

When I first started this blog, I searched around for examples of other blogs with serious subject-matter.  While I admit that I hadn’t done an exhaustive search, no obvious examples were readily available.  I needed to know where the line was.  How much serious information should I reveal before it becomes too much?  I’m sure for some I’ve already crossed over.

I’m at that crossroads again:  post it or not?  Satomi and I had discussed this before and we both firmly believe that some good has to come from this mess and educating all of you maybe just the thing.  With that in mind, I submit to all of you a disclaimer for all future posts.

There will be difficult times ahead.  Many of you may not want to read what happens next to our beloved Satomi.  While I promise to continue to see the humor in things, there are many things that will be far from amusing.  I will do my best to speak the facts as I understand them but it is up to each of you to stop reading if things get too difficult.

If you opt not to continue reading this blog, I want each and every one of you to know that we’ve been blessed to have you with us.  Your support, comments, and sheer numbers have helped me hold it together in these trying times.  I could not have gotten this far without all of you on the other side of my computer.

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  1. Nancy pearl permalink

    Reading your blog and listening to your thoughts show your inner strength and determination to make this time one in which there will be good memories and bad memories. To make the time to share your feelings, thoughts, frustrations, and love in spite of everything that you have to do for Satomi, the girls, the family, and yourself is amazing to me. I am learning more about what true love is all about and I thank you for opening yourself up. I love the pictures that you have posted. This is a blessing to be able to gain strength and learning from your struggles. You are shouldering an enormous responsibility and doing it well.

  2. Mako permalink

    Sean and Satomi,

    I have recently revisited this blog after a long absence. I left off when Satomi starting posting in July/August. Everything seemed so upbeat then. I am very sad to hear that things are going to be difficult going forward. You guys have toughed this one out as best as you can. My hat is off to both of you for your courage, endurance and willingness to share.

    Throughout this, you’ve given a lot of people the chance to feel connected to you with this blog. Even though it’s tremendously difficult, as long as you’re posting, I’m reading.

    Sending all possible love and support from Northern Cal.

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