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Defense Mechanism

by on February 23, 2011

We fed Satomi what was roughly equivalent to a full breakfast for her; she had juice, water, and apples too.  She was vocal although it didn’t make much sense.

Since she was OK, I was leaving to go to work.  She pulled me close and started talking gibberish about my working and our friends helping. 

I’m still not positive what she said but now that I’ve had some time to compute, I think I get it. 

She couldn’t take the pain and wanted me to stay home with her.

I was confused at the time so she got frustrated.  She tried to explain it to me again but it made no sense at all.

Satomi got mad and verbally pushed me away, “Go to work now.  You aren’t coming back.”

Those statements were clear and now they are in context.  Anger is one of her defense mechanisms so it all makes sense.

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